Welcome to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section! You can have a look and get ideas through your mind about what we can do and what we are unable to do in this page!

1. How many intakes are there in Japan?
Answer: Four Intakes. January, April, July and October.

2. How long does it take to process the file for Japan?
Answer: Four to six months.

3. Is study gap acceptable?
Answer: Ideally, up to four years study gap is acceptable.

4. Is there any age limit to study in Japan?
Answer: For Japanese Language Program, below 30 is acceptable. For Master’s and Ph.D. program, age up to 40 is acceptable, depending on the academic results.

5. Is doing preliminary language course mandatory to enter Japanese Language School in Japan?
Answer: Yes. Minimum 150 hours.

6. Where can your students take Japanese language course?
Answer: We can recommend them to a Japanese Language Academy in Dhaka.

7. Who can be my sponsor?
Answer: Parents and first blood-related relatives can be sponsor.

8. What is the “Certificate of Eligibility”?
Answer: This is the main document issued by the Japan Ministry of Justice. It is commonly called as“Pre-visa’.

9. When shall I have to send the school/college fees?
Answer: After the Certificate of Eligibility is issued and within next 3 working days, you will have to send it.

10. Is there any way that the student will pay the tuition and hostel fee after visa stamping on passport?
Answer: No Japanese schools do this way. After the issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility, they send the scan copy of it, together with an invoice. Student has to open a student file in a Bank and to send the money to the school’s bank account. After receiving the tuition and other fees, the school sends the Certificate of Eligibility and Admission Letter to our office.

11. What happens with the school/college fees if I do not get visa for some reasons?
Answer: You will get refunded by deducting money transfer cost by Japanese college. It is our responsibility to get you returned the school/college fees in next 45 days.

12. Can we do part-time job while studying?
Answer: Yes, you can. Even you may get the job in one or two months, still we recommend the students to take at least USD $ 1500 along with them while they go to Japan for the first time as a student. This is good enough for them to support their food and pocket money for first 3 months. It is our experience that in 3 months, students learn Japanese language to a level which is required for part-time job. But if you improve yourself with the language skills here in Bangladesh, you can get the part-time job sooner.

13. Can I support my expenses for study, food and lodging by doing part-time job?
Answer: Yes, you can. Plus, if you wish, you can help your family back home.

14. How much it may cost for food and lodging?
Answer: It may cost about USD $ 400 per month.

15. What shall I do after one or two years of Japanese Language Course in Japan?
Answer: You can enter Bachelor/Master’s program and some enter vocational course which has more demand in job field in Japan. And, some find full-time job if they have a Bachelor or Master’s degree in good subjects in Bangladesh.

16. What happens if any student does not continue studies after arriving in Japan?
Answer: No student can do it anymore, and must not do it. If anyone does it, our agency ship will be cancelled. Moreover, the student will spoil his career in Japan. And, in any time, he will be caught and deported by Japan Immigration. This is why we recruit only genuine students for Japan.

17. In case of failure, what will be a total loss for a student?
Answer: BDT 5,000/ and plus Japanese language course fee in Dhaka and some charges in money transmission cost (back and forth between Bangladesh and Japan).

18. What if a student declines to pursue his study plan in Japan after starting the process with us? Answer: We strongly discourage it. In such an exceptional case, the student has to pay BDT 150,000/. In addition, any kind of deposit shall be forfeited. And, he has to pay all other expenses which have been already utilized. It has to be noted that we make each and every student and his/her parents to sign an agreement with us on non-judicial stamp which contains all the terms and conditions, along with an account payee check amounting BDT 150,000/ (Taka One Lac Fifty Thousand Only) from the parents. After signing this agreement, and if the student or parents change his/her plan to study in Japan, they have to pay BDT 150,000/ in cash, and get returned their account payee check.

19. Shall I have to submit my original passport and original academic papers to your office?
Answer: Yes, these documents shall be in our safe-keeping until your processing done.