After coming to ACHIEVERS International Ltd. the team will let you know whether you are eligible to study in japan. In a friendly discussion the ACHIEVERS will try to know the needs of a student.

It will guide about university/college and course section. It asses the student in its way that helps to identify the actual quality and knowledge of a student. Most of Bangladeshi students fail to cope education or teaching method in Japan due to wrong selection of courses and educational providers. Home-sickness, financial problem, health condition are also put behind a student in overseas education. ACHIEVERS is the best in counselling to solve such problems.

ACHIEVERS team would be also ensured that the student has valid passport or travel documents, personal bank account, or bank account of a family member (e.g. father/mother) as sponsor of the student, minimum academic qualification to study abroad and good character and have no criminal record of him/her.

University/College & Course Selection
ACHIEVERS will help the student to find the right Language School/ University and select the course. At this stage it will tell how to be prepared to obtain student visa abroad.

Registration & Admission
If the ACHIEVERS team and student are satisfied with the stage-1 & 2, the team would see the student is well prepared to take admission at this stage. He/she arranged money to study in a foreign country and achieved required level of English/ Japanese proficiency. ACHIEVERS will provide proper guide to opening a student file or bank account, depositing money into the personal account and how to manage co-sponsors.

At this stage ACHIEVERS will also ask to bring all necessary documents such as school certificates, transcripts, mark sheets, testimonials, photos, reference letters, certificate of English proficiency (e.g. IELTS) etc. to ACHIEVERS office to start registration & admission procedures. Also we will help you to learn basic Japanese for general use in Japan.

Conditional & Unconditional Offer
the student was registered with foreign school with the help of ACHIEVERS and have been issued conditional offer letter to be enrolled. The student will require to deposit tuition fees to the school for unconditional offer letter and COE (Certificate of Eligibility) at this stage. This letter is vital for the visa or entry clearance application to the foreign missions in Bangladesh

Visa Processing
ACHIEVERS will assist the student that all updated documents including the COE are in hands to submit to the foreign mission for visa. ACHIEVERS experts will help the student to organize the documents in an order that a visa officer may like to see the presentation of the application. This stage is very important for a student that he/she needs to keep close contact with the foreign missions as they suddenly may call for interview or clarify further information regarding visa. During the visa processing time a student should stay in the city where the visa application was submitted. ACHIEVERS also keep close contact with the foreign school for the good sake of a student that the commencement date of the school is valid.

Pre-Departure Service
At this stage you obtained student Visa. But you need to know about some important rules of immigration of the departing and arrival country. ACHIEVERS will guide you about the rules. ACHIEVERS will also guide you about the documents and stuffs that you should carry in your hand luggage for the immigration procedures for the country.

Post Arrival Assistance
You also need some help when you arrive in Japan. ACHIEVERS has a friendly network in Japan. You will be also a friend of this network after your secure arrival in the country. Any time a student can consult with ACHIEVERS by using social networking tools like skype, facebook, email or telephone for any information regarding the life style, work, accommodation or extending visa.